Music Composition

The sole purpose of becoming a music director was to reach to those people who are in pain and discomfort,who are unwell,lonely and dejected and be their companion and bring joy and happiness into their lives. Music has always been composed with a passion of the pursuit of a great melody and music pieces which will last forever.

The 1st film was a Kannada film called “Mani” which was directed by Yograj Bhat and assistant director Suri. I had the opportunity to compose and direct music and my songs were critically acclaimed and well appreciated by the audience. All the songs have entered the evergreen Kannada song list. This provided me the opportunity to direct Shankar Mahadevan, Chitra,Grammy award winner Chaitra, 3 times state award winner Nandita,the critically acclaimed M.D.Pallavi and popular Rajesh Krishnan and many more.

A remix of popular classic kannada songs was done for T series with the title Rasika Rasika. After a break two film project called Naavika and Manasina Putadalli happpened. I was requested to act in the movie Karanjji which was entirely different experience. Feel the world was composed,arranged and recorded for Rakesh Salian. Tune your heart was another collection of songs recorded for Hermon Carduz. There was another collection of songs for Ryan Kuruvilla called the Cup of Glory.
A kannada rap Album called Countdown was done for Down South Rhythms
which included Chandan Shetty, Vijeth, Dhruva,Suraj,Bharath,Sandeep,Abhimanyu.

Films song compositions,Jingles or Signature music pieces and background score for a visual media has always been done with the right impact in mind to connect with the audience and be a part of their daily life. Music has always been composed recorded and performed live in the studio.